Episode 383: Predictions for 2016 – Dec 30, 2016


We kick off the show with a couple of news guests. Matt Melloy from Blue Startups is here to tell us about the upcoming East Meets West event, just a couple of weeks away. Then Chalmer Lowe is here with an update on PyHawaii. Finally, after the break, we’ll spend some time with two of our favorite tech movers and shakers, Meli James and Ian Kitajima to close out 2015 and look into our collective digital crystal ball to see what’s in store for 2016.

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Matt Melloy, Chalmer Lowe, Meli James, Ian Kitajima, Ryan Ozawa

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Episode 152: Dual Use Innovation – July 13, 2011

First look at the latest tech news and happenings in Hawaii and beyond. Then joining us today is Yuka Nagashima from the High Tech Development Corp to tell us about a new software developers networking event called Thirsty Third Thursday. Finally, we’ll find out about the challenges facing Hawaii’s dual-use companies and how a couple of companies are innovating around them. We are talking today with Pat Sullivan from Oceanit and Galen Ho from CBI Polymers.

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Episode 100: Nanotechnology (July 14, 2010)

First we’ll look at the latest tech news and happenings in Hawaii and beyond. Then we’ll hear from Michal Anne Rogondino about her new iPhone app called Shaky Planet. Finally, Vinod Veedu (aka Dr. V) from Oceanit and Keiki-Pua Dancil from the Hawaii Science & Technology Council will join us to talk about nanotechnology.

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