Episode 500: STEM Conference & #HACC4Edu – March 28, 2018

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Mapu Quitazol, Matt M, Nate Lim, Steve Sue, Ryan Ozawa

First, we hear about a couple of upcoming events. Nate Lim is here to tell us about a Machine Learning competition starting this Friday, April 30th, and Rosie Alegado joins us by phone to talk about the SMART Ala Wai project workshop. Then we learn about one of the largest STEM conferences held in Hawaii, which outgrew its home on Maui and, for the last two years has be held at the Hawaii Convention Center. In conjunction with the STEM Conference we’ve organized a 24hr hackathon for high school called HACC4Edu.

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Episode 499: Creative Labs & Kuleana – March 21, 2018

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Brian Kohne, Georja Skinner, Bob Nakasone, Ryan Ozawa

First up we hear from Bob Nakasone about STEM Education and Research in Okinawa and Hawaii, and an upcoming event focused on the topic at the East West Center. Then we learn about the state’s Creative Lab Hawaii program, and the making of the movie Kuleana, opening in theaters on March 30th. Georja Skinner and Brian Kohne join us to talk about movie making in Hawaii.

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Episode 498: Onizuka Day of Exploration – Mar 14, 2018

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Eric McFee, Richard Pyle, Hadley Anderson, Ryan Ozawa

First up we hear about a couple of upcoming events that are part of Bishop Museum’s month-long Hi-Sci Festival. Hadley Anderson is here to talk about this Sunday’s, 3/17 “Fall in Love with Science Discovery Day.” Then Dr. Richard Pyle tells us about a talk he’s doing about “Exploring the Deep Coral Reefs of Papahānaumokuākea.” Then we learn about the Onizuka Day of Exploration from Eric McFee, Director of Support Services for the Boy Scouts of America.

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Episode 497: Elemental Excelerator & the Maui Energy Conference – Mar 7, 2018

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Chenoa Farnsworth, Ryan Ozawa, Aki Marceau 

First up we talk to Chenoa Farnsworth from Blue Startups about the open call for Cohort 10. Then we learn about the Maui Energy Conference from Frank De Rego from MEDB and Aki Marceau from the Elemental Excelerator. The Elemental Excelerator will be hosting a reverse pitch at the conference and streaming it live on March 15th at 10:30am HST from their Facebook page.

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