Episode 461: BlueStartups, @Tripidee_app, #YourFrontDesk – June 28, 2017

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Yacine Merzouk, Aaron MacDaniel, Laine Kohama, Michelle Merzouk, Ryan Ozawa

We’ve got a full lineup today. First up, we hear Laine Kohama from GigaIsland to tell us about the upcoming ShakaCon. In our main segment, we talk to Aaron MacDaniel from Your Front Desk and Michelle & Yacine Merzouk from Tripidee, two companies in the latest Blue Startups cohort, about their startup experience. We also talk about the upcoming Blue Starups Demo Day on July 7th.

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Episode 460: Iolani School & #AlaWaiChallenge – June 21, 2017

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Daisy Chang, Sarisa Choy, Kyla Kohara, Coralie Matayoshi, Yvonne Chan, Ryan Ozawa

We’ve got a full lineup today. First up, we hear Coralie Matayoshi from the Hawaii Chapter of the American Red Cross about hurricane preparedness. Then we talk to Yvonne Chan from Iolani School and the high school team consisting of Sarisa Choy ‘18, Daisy Chang ’18 and Kyla Kohara ‘18 who won in their category for the Make the Ala Wai Awesome Challenge.

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Episode 459: #MiniMakerfaire and King Tides Revisited

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Shellie Habel, Ross Mukai, Matt Gonser, Ryan Ozawa

First up, we hear about this month’s HVCA Luncheon. Then it’s on to the Honolulu Mini-Maker Faire, with Ross Mukai from the Oahu Makerspace. Then we talk about the recent King Tides, and the part that citizen science can play, with Matt Gonser and Shellie Habel from the University of Hawaii.

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Episode 458: JamBios and Cyber Camps

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Henry Ian Cusick, Beth N. Carvin, Jake Ross, Reynold Hioki, Ryan Ozawa

First up, we find out about the launch of storytelling app JamBios with co-founder Beth N. Carvin and spokesperson Henry Ian Cusick. Then we talk about cyber security and student opportunities with Jake Ross and Reynold Hioki. We also learn about Cyber Hui and the upcoming Summer Cyber Camps, Gen Cyber and Cyber Patriot.

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