Episode 460: Iolani School & #AlaWaiChallenge – June 21, 2017

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Daisy Chang, Sarisa Choy, Kyla Kohara, Coralie Matayoshi, Yvonne Chan, Ryan Ozawa

We’ve got a full lineup today. First up, we hear Coralie Matayoshi from the Hawaii Chapter of the American Red Cross about hurricane preparedness. Then we talk to Yvonne Chan from Iolani School and the high school team consisting of Sarisa Choy ‘18, Daisy Chang ’18 and Kyla Kohara ‘18 who won in their category for the Make the Ala Wai Awesome Challenge.

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Episode 437: AI and the Future of Work – Jan 11, 2017

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Jim Dator, David Chin, Helen Cho, Matt Gonser, Ryan Ozawa

We kick off today’s show with a quick recap of CES 2017. Then we hear about a couple of cool projects. Helen Cho will join us to tell us about this month’s Startup Grind meetup, which includes a wildcard East Meets West pitch competition. Then, with the official kick off of the Ala Wai Challenge, Matt Gonser from Sea Grant returns to share the details. Then, after the break, we talk to futurist Jim Dator and ICS Professor David Chin about artificial intelligence, a topic that is getting a lot of attention — not only in its implementation, but also in the impact that it will have on the future of work.

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Episode 431: Ala Wai Design Challenge – Nov 30, 2016

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Matt Gonser, Matt Lynch, Nicholas Aldi, Blaine Kashiwaeda, Ryan Ozawa

To kick off today’s show, we talk a little about Computer Science Education Week, which is coming up next week, and the worldwide ‘Hour of Code.’ Then, Blaine Kashiwaeda tells us about the upcoming FIRST Robotics Competition. After that, Nicholas Aldi, CEO of Mobi PCS, gives us an update on the local wireless carrier. Then after the break, we talk to Matt Lynch and Matt Gonser, both from UH, to talk about the “Make the Ala Wai Awesome” Student Design Challenge.

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