Episode 54: Light Rail (Aug. 26, 2009)

After the headlines, Ted Peck from DBEDT tells us about the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit. Then, Scott Wilson and Peter Vincent from AIA Honolulu join us to discuss “light rail” as an alternative to the city’s elevated rail transit plan.

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Episode 53: Hawaii’s Clean Energy Future (Aug. 19, 2009)

After the headlines, we hear about the Aloha On Rails conference from organizer Seth Ladd. Then, Jeff Mikulina and Gary Gill from the Blue Planet Foundation join us to talk about their work and vision of Hawaii’s clean energy future.

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Episode 52: Hardcore Inventing (Aug. 12, 2009)

After the headlines, Burt and Ryan share some observations from recent visits to nuclear-powered aircraft carriers at see, courtesy the U.S. Navy. Then, Dr. Rob Yonover, creator of the Rescue Streamer, joins us to discuss “Hardcore Inventing,” a philisophy, as well as a new book he authored with Ellie Crowe.

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Episode 51: Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning (Aug. 5, 2009)

This week, after the headlines, Laurie Carlson (Honolulu Weekly, Slow Food Oahu) joins us to talk about an upcoming visit by author Gary Paul Nabhan. Then, Scott Higa and Frederic Berg from Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning update us on their company’s ambitious plan to air condition up to 40 buildings in downtown Honolulu using deep ocean water.

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