Episode 668: Box Jelly 10th Anniversary + Hawaii’s Digital Economy – June 16, 2021

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Rechung Fujihira, Michelle Cheung, Deena White Tearney

First up, we have Rechung Fujihira from the Box Jelly to tell us about their 10th year anniversary. A big congratulations to the Box Jelly for meeting such an important milestone.

Then, we are joined by Michelle Cheung from the TRUE Initiative and Deena White Tearney from Pacific Point, who are here to tell us about advancing the digital economy in Hawaii and an upcoming event called Invest in Hawaii’s Digital Economy happening on June 23, 2021.

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Episode 668: Box Jelly 10th Anniversary + Hawaii’s Digital Economy – June 16, 2021

Episode 613: COVID-19 Testing + Aloha A.I. People Counter – May 27, 2020

Photo (l:r) Rosie Alegado, Sarah Nanbu, Trung Lam, Ian Kitajima

First up we have Rosie Alegado from the Univ of Hawaii, Dept of Oceanography, here to tell us about the partnership between Univ. of Hawaii’s Tropical Medicine Clinical Lab and the City and County of Honolulu for COVID-19 testing.

Then we’re joined by Ian Kitajima from Oceanit, Sarah Nanbu from the Box Jelly and Trung Lam from La Tour to talk about using Aloha A.I. to count people and gauge economic recovery. Follow the progress of the A.I. sensor from this dashboard.

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Episode 361: NOAA Okeanos and Box Jelly/Sting No More – July 29, 2015


In this hour, we’ll first hear about the upcoming Okeanos Explorer deep sea expedition to the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument with Christopher Kelley and Daniel Wagner. Then after the break, we’ll hear from Angel Yanagihara and Mimi Pezzuto about jelly fish research, commercializing university IP, Sting No More and bringing a new cream that offers relief from painful stings to market.

Photo: Burt Lum, Daniel Wagner, Chris Kelly, Toni Parras, Angel Yanagihara, Ryan Ozawa (l:r)

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