Episode 695: Comms Futures 2022 + Akaku and Olelo Community Television – Dec 22, 2021

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Rob Fish, Roger McKeague, Jay April

First up, we have Rob Fish, President from the IEEE Standards Association and computer science professor at Princeton, here to tell us about the upcoming IEEE Summit on Comms Futures 2022 happening on Jan 14-15, 2022.

Then, we are joined by Jay April, General Manager at Akaku Community Media on Maui and Roger McKeague, General Manager at Olelo Community Media, and we talk about the PEGs and their unique perspective of community television in 2021.

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Episode 695: Comm Futures 2022 + Akaku and Olelo Community Television – Dec 22, 2021

Episode 587: UH Breakthrough Innovation + IEEE in Hawaii – Nov 27, 2019

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Arif Rahman, Kareen Elassy, Isar Mostafanezhad

First up, we have Kareem Elassy and Arif Rahman here to tell us about their company Hawaii Innovation Lab and the recent UH PACE Breakthrough Innovation Challenge. Then, we are joined by Dr. Isar Mostafanezhad and Dr. Rob Fish (on the phone) to tell us about IEEE and their activities in Hawaii including GlobeCom 2019 and ComFutures 2020.

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Episode 542: New Horizons and Ultima Thule – Jan 16, 2019

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Garvey Candella, Mary Beth LayChak, Isar Mostafanezhad

First, we hear from Isar Mostafanezhad about the upcoming IEEE Communications Futures conference. (Get a discount on the conference by using promo code: KAMAAINA50) Then we have Mary “Garvey” Candella who is the Twitch, Director of Strategic Partnerships talk about a student program at UH. Then, we hear from Mary Beth Laychak about the New Horizons mission, the asteroid Ultima Thule and how the Canada France Hawaii Telescope played a role in the mission. We also talk about the Akamai Internship available to students interested in STEM and astronomy.

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