Episode 59: Social Media in the Military (Sept. 30, 2009)

After the headlines, Bee Leng Chua talks about her new role at HiBeam. Then, Capt. Jeff Breslau and Lt. Commander Chuck Bell from PACOM join us to talk about social media in the military.

In the News:

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Episode 58: Broadcast News and Social Media (Sept. 23, 2009)

After the headlines, Vu Bui of The Bui Brothers tells us about a “Photo Fusion” workshop. Then, Jared Kuroiwa of KGMB9 joins us to discuss how technology and social media are transforming the television newsroom.

In the News:

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Episode 56: 4G Broadband Wireless (Sept. 9, 2009)

During our news segment Glen Nakafuji from Oceanit talked about their newly awarded National Transportation Safety project. The project has a broad scope and requires the company to hire project managers and technical staff. If you are looking for a job at a very progressive technology company, you should check out Oceanit’s job postings.

Bytemarks Cafe - Sept. 9, 2009Ray Kakuda from Clearwire was on to give us an update on 4G Broadband Wireless service. Clearwire is rolling out WiMax in their key markets across the country. On Nov. 1st Honolulu will start to get commercial WiMax. Access speeds are reported to be comparable to cable modem and DSL rates, multi-meg downloads and 1 meg upload. We will report back actual speeds once we get our hands on the actual service.

And now the News:

  1. Hawaii tax credit program cost state $1.29 billion through 2008
  2. Expedition to extinct Papua New Guinea volcano unearths new species Here is a video of the giant rat talked about in the article. There was a YouTube video but that is evidently no longer available. This video is a photo sampling of the variety of new species found on the expedition.
  3. Further study on irradiator ordered To follow the trail of produce like papaya from local farmer to out of state markets is very interesting and probably not fully appreciated. In order to sell produce to out of state markets, Hawaii needs to 1) eradicate all the fruit flies or 2) thoroughly clean the produce. Mike Kohn from Pa`ina Hawaii is proposing an irradiation solution. Check out his website for his perspective on irradiation. Also Kayla Rosenfeld of HPR produced this news piece on the project.
  4. UH Mānoa oceanographers examine mercury levels of pelagic fish in Hawaii

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Episode 55: Online Productivity Tools (Sept. 2, 2009)

After the headlines, we learn about “Adopt a School Day.” Then, Susan Jaworowski from Kapiolani Community College and Jonathan Wong from Honolulu Community College join us to talk about online productivity tools. Among the tools discussed:

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Episode 54: Light Rail (Aug. 26, 2009)

After the headlines, Ted Peck from DBEDT tells us about the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit. Then, Scott Wilson and Peter Vincent from AIA Honolulu join us to discuss “light rail” as an alternative to the city’s elevated rail transit plan.

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Episode 53: Hawaii’s Clean Energy Future (Aug. 19, 2009)

After the headlines, we hear about the Aloha On Rails conference from organizer Seth Ladd. Then, Jeff Mikulina and Gary Gill from the Blue Planet Foundation join us to talk about their work and vision of Hawaii’s clean energy future.

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Bytemarks Cafe – Episode 44 – June 18, 2009

After the headlines, Darren Kimura from Sopogy gives us some energy saving tips. Then, Kim Bridges from the UH Botany Department and Richard Palmer from the state Department of Health will join us to discuss the new frontiers of high resolution photography and the “GigaPan” system.

Recommended GigaPan links from Richard:

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Bytemarks Cafe – Episode 42 – June 3, 2009

First we’ll look at the latest tech news and happenings in Hawaii and beyond. Then we’ll have Leah Lamb from Current here to talk about the So Much More Hawaii bloggers tour. Later, Sunni Brown from Brightspot Info Design and Chris Gargiulo from KCC join us to discuss “visual thinking” and information design. Technorati 3pmc4fix2a

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