Episode 422: #HACC Teams – September 28, 2016

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Napali Souza, Lisa Zhou, Christine Rioca, Kim Vo, Anees Merzi, Ryan Ozawa

The word of the day is “Hackathon”. First off, Anees Merzi tells us about an upcoming DisruptArmy event. Then Napali Souza joins us from Purple Maia to tell us about the Purple Prize demo day. Finally, after the break, we hear from some of the winning teams from the recent Hawaii Annual Code Challenge. We’ll talk to Team Cobra, HATS and Local Mocos about what inspired them to participate, and what they built.

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Episode 417: Artists in Residence – August 24, 2016

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Laurie Sumiye, Tanya Ortega, Carlie Weiner, Sara (the exchange student), Leila Kagawa, Chenoa Farnsworth, Ryan Ozawa

We look ahead on the local tech calendar. First up is this weekend’s Hawaii Annual Code Challenge, and Leila Kagawa is here to give us an update. Then our good friend Chenoa Farnsworth joins us from Blue Startups to tell us what they’re looking for in their next cohort of companies. Finally, after the break, we explore what it means to be an “artist in residence.” More science organizations have taken a novel approach to visualize and share their work with the public. Artists Laurie Sumiye and Rebecca Rutstein are here, along with Carlie Weiner from Schmidt Ocean Institute and Tanya Ortega from the National Parks Arts Foundation.

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