Episode 433: Maui Groundwater Study – Dec 14, 2016

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Joe Karlsson, Paige Donnelly, Henrietta Dulai, Craig Glenn, Celia Smith, Ryan Ozawa

To kick off today’s show, we jump into the tech calendar. Paige Donnelly from the Shangri La Center for Islamic Arts and Cultures joins us to tell us about the TAP (Technology Art Politics) Wikipedia-edit-a-thon. After that, Joe Karlsson from DevLeague tells us about an upcoming hackathon called Stupid… Stuff Nobody Needs. Then, after the break, we go back to the watershed well and dive deeper into how submarine groundwater affects marine life and coastal ecosystems. We talk with Craig Glenn, Henrietta Dulai, and Celia Smith from the University of Hawaii.

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Episode 371: Tsunami Early Warning – Oct 7, 2015


Starting us off this hour, Jason Sewell from DevLeague is back to tell us about a DevLeague Uber Hackathon. Then we get an update on the Blue Startup Cohort 6. Finally, for the remainder of the hour, we’ll talk to Vern Miyagi from the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency and Gerard Fryer from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center about Hawaii’s tsunami early warning system.

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Jason Sewell, Vern Miyagi, Gerard Fryer, Ryan Ozawa

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Episode 366: El Nino Data Collection – Sept 2, 2015


First up, we’ll hear about two upcoming events. Jason Sewell from DevLeague joins us to tell us about DevLeague Prep, a new, introductory hands-on course for anyone who wants to learn programming. Then Alexander Mawyer and Cristina Bacchilega join us to tell us about an event called Creating Futures Rooted in Wonder: Bridges between Indigenous, Science Fiction, and Fairy Tale Studies. Finally, for the rest of the hour, we’ll talk to the scientists who were aboard the Schmidt Ocean Institute‘s vessel called the Falkor, and find out what the data they collected tells us about El Nino and how it affects the weather. Kelvin Richards and Andrei Natarov from UH SOEST are here with the details.

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Kelvin Richards, Cristina Bacchilega, Alex Mawyer, Ryan Ozawa, Andrei Natarov, Jason Sewell

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Episode 357: Startup Weekend Honolulu 2015 – July 1, 2015


In this hour, we’ll hear about an upcoming event focused on digital media businesses from Bee Leng Chua, and Mike Gifford will tell us about a new app call Dodecki that’ll help you avoid wasting time in line at your favorite restaurants. Finally, we’ll hear from the winners of the latest Startup Weekend Honolulu, including for the first time a high school student. Stay tuned to meet Liam Clive of Mentorship.link, Constantin Dumba of Grumble and Jenn Lazariuk of All About.

If you are interested in joining the Mentorship.Link beta program as a participating business or a participating student, please contact Liam Clive at liam@mentorship.link. To learn more about Mentorship.Link, visit www.liamclive.com.

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Episode 345: Enterprise Tech – Apr 8, 2015


First we’ll cover some local science and tech stories, then we’ll speak with Nicole Hori from HiCapacity about Domain Night the Jay Fidell joins us to give us an update on the next ThinkTech panel on Offshore Investments. Finally, we’ll talk about keeping up with enterprise technology with Brian Chee from This Week in Enterprise Tech and Gordon Bruce from Pacxa.

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Episode 280: New Media Journalism – Jan 8, 2014


Happy New Year! First we’ll look at the latest tech news and happenings in Hawaii and beyond. Then joining us today on our news segments is Shelly Oikawa from UH Bookstore to talk about a book price comparison tool and then Jason Sewell from DevLeague will update us on their upcoming 12-week program. Finally, we talk with news junkies Ben Trevino from Interisland Terminal and James Cave the Offsetter about their Journalism Film Series and the evolving world of journalism and how new media is changing the landscape.

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Episode 272: Learn to Program – October 30, 2013


First we’ll look at the latest tech news and happenings in Hawaii and beyond. Then joining us today is Genesis Leong to tell us about the upcoming TEDxHonolulu event. Finally, we talk to Russel Cheng from DevLeague and Kyle Oba from Pas De Chocolat and Organization for the Understanding of Dynamic Languages about resources for the programmers and coders who want to write the next killer app.

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