Episode 508: Coral Restoration – May 23, 2018

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Georja Skinner, David Gulko, Ryan Ozawa

First, we hear from Georja Skinner from DBEDT’s Creative Industries about the Creative Lab Music Immersive and upcoming panels and workshops. Then we talk to David Gulko, Coral Ecologist at DLNR’s Ä€nuenue Coral Restoration Nursery about coral restoration and the pyramid coral.

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Episode 401: Coral Restoration Nursery – May 4, 2016

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Andy Goshorn, Norton Chan, Dave Gulko, Ryan Ozawa

We start the hour hearing about a couple of upcoming events. First, Frank De Rego from the Maui Economic Development Board calls in to tell us about their upcoming Hawaii STEM Conference and the next Startup Weekend Maui. Then Andy Goshorn from the Coast Guard will bring us up to date on the Mate ROV underwater robotics competition.
Finally, we’ll talk to Dave Gulko and Norton Chan from the Anuenue Fisheries Research Center about their coral restoration nursery.

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Episode 313: Diving into the Twilight Zone


First we’ll cover some local science and tech stories, then Don Kosak from the Hawaii Tech Exchange will tell us about tomorrow’s Hawaii Island Game Developer Meetup. Next, Bryan Czibesz is here in the studio to tell us about the upcoming Re/Charting art exhibit. Finally, two scientists from the Bishop Museum will help us explore “the twilight zone.” Richard Pyle and Sonia Rowley will give an update on their deep-sea coral research and the technology that makes it possible.

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