Episode 670: HiSoup + Non-fungible Tokens – June 30, 2021

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Samantha Ruiz, John Kealoha Garcia

First up, we have Samantha Ruiz here from Hi Soup to tell us about the next Hi Soup event partnering with Code for Hawaii.

Then, we are joined by John Garcia, Founder and CEO of Exchange Ave., whoʻs here to tell us about non-fungible tokens, digital assets, cryptocurrencies and marketplaces like Opensea.

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Episode 670: HiSoup + Non-fungible Tokens – June 30, 2021

Episode 381: VEX Robotics – Dec 16, 2015


We’ll kick off the show with a couple of news guests. McKay Davis is here to tell us about the monthly Code for Hawaii meetup. Then Steven Hanneman is here from HPU to tell us about the #HPUBiz4Good campaign. Finally, after the break, we’ll spend the rest of the hour talking about VEX Robotics with Pearl City High School math teacher Hai Nguyen and team representatives: Christine Uehara (Senior) and Sean Santiago (Sophomore) and from Waianae High School, biology teacher Sarah Kern and team members Russell Kiyono (Senior), Kalani Fernandez (Senior) and Haven Bashaw (Junior).

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, McKay Davis, Haven Bashaw, Kalani Fernandez, Russell Kiyono, Christine Uehara, Sean Santiago, Steve Hannemann, Ryan Ozawa

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