Episode 359: Solar Impulse – July 15, 2015


Today, we are dedicating the full hour to the Solar Impulse, an ambitious around-the-world journey powered purely by the sun. In the studio today we have pilot and CEO, Andre Borschberg and Managing Director, Gregory Blatt of Solar Impulse.

Andre was the man in the cockpit of the Solar Impulse 2 plane on its journey from Japan to Honolulu, breaking world records and setting an endurance milestone in aviation. He was a jet pilot in the Swiss Air Force and a successful business man before co-founding the Solar Impulse project, sharing piloting duties with explorer Bertrand Piccard.

Gregory is the Managing Director responsible for Marketing and Communications for the Solar Impulse, and was part of a coordinated global team charged with the task of spreading the word about the project, and sending the message of what is possible even without burning fossil fuels.

The Solar Impulse plane and crew is in Honolulu but their schedule is always unpredictable, so we’re happy to be able to catch Andre and Gregory during a rare break.

As we record this show, Solar Impulse is preparing to make an Important announcement, and we’ll be able to talk about it on in this program. But first, let’s get to know Solar Impulse. Andre and Gregory, welcome to Bytemarks Cafe!

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