Episode 410: Saving our Coral Reefs – July 6, 2016

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Bob Richmond, Tim Spurrier, Samantha Kimsey, Ruth Gates, Darrel Galera, Ryan Ozawa

We start the hour with a JAM PACKED tech calendar. Samantha Kimsey and Tim Spurrier join us to talk about the 10 year anniversary of Computational Thinking. Then Darrel Galera is here from the ESSA team to tell us about the upcoming Education Summit. This weekend also brings a Miyazaki Film Festival, AND the 9th annual Hawaii Geek Meet. Finally, after the break, we learn about the current struggles of our surrounding coral reefs. Joining us are Ruth Gates from the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology and Bob Richmond from the Kewalo Marine Lab of the University of Hawaii.

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