Episode 604: COVID-19 Resources & Working Remotely – March 25, 2020

Photo (l:) Burt Lum, Dana Arakawa, Derek Gabriel

First off, there are changes here at Hawaii Public Radio to maintain some personal separation. Most of the time our guests are live in the studio but during this period of social distancing and being respectful of each others well being, our guests are now remote and calling in. Hopefully you won’t notice much of a difference but I will miss the lively energy only gotten through face to face interaction.

Next up I’d like to tell you about a community resource for COVID-19 information. Suchandra Thapa, Ben Trevino and a number of volunteers including Code for Hawaii are helping coordinate a local effort to crowdsource a Hawaii-specific Coronavirus resource for Hawaii residents; similar to what NYC/LA have done.

Finally, I welcome Dr. Dana Arakawa and Derek Gabriel to the show. Dana runs a consultancy that helps teams build systemic and lasting organizational resilience. Derek is co-founder of Ignite Solutions Group, dedicated to empowering businesses through technology. Check out Dana’s article in Civil Beat.

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